Intake 18 April

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Eat your greens!! 😊🍅
My parents bought a really tiny bread for some reason. Lunch was mini toast with iceberg lettuce, an egg and smoked ham!

Yesterdays breakfast: banana smoothie bowl


hello 911 my sock is falling down inside my shoe 

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Intake 17 April

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"If you’re a woman who thinks it’s okay to tell a skinny woman that she needs to eat a sandwich, I hope you don’t mind when that skinny woman tells you that you’re a fat ass. Because that’s exactly the sort of shaming you’re giving her."


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Kind of harsh words but the point is completely accurate! You can’t praise body acceptance if you shame people for having body types different from your own!!

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Eat pineapples!

Oatmeal “pizza” with peanut butter, banana, sliced strawberries and dark chocolate nibs #healthy #vegan #snack #oatmeal #pizza #peanutbutter #banana #strawberries #darkchocolate